AS suspension filing sheets 1/2/4/8 p

Secol suspension filing sheets, made of glass clear polyester film, thickness 80 micron; with the opening along the punched edge. Page size 260 x 317 mm; packed per 50 pieces.

The filing sheets comply to the PAT and Silver Tarnishing Test.

Name Info.
1 Pocket AS100P1 For archiving A4 format objects such as inkjet prints. Pocket size: 309 x 230 mm.
2 Pocket AS101P2 For archiving A5 format objects; notes, pamphlets, etc. Pocket size: 154 x 230 mm.
4 Pocket AS102P4 For archiving A6 format objects, post cards, prints, etc. Pocket size: 154 x 113 mm.
8 Pocket AS106P8 For archiving business cards, playing cards, etc. Pocket size: 76 x 113 mm.