Pockets - other

Next to standard pockets, many special versions are available.  

Name Info. Packed per
HC archival pockets HC archival pockets are inert and acid-free; for archiving and protecting photographic materials and paper. HC pockets are transparent, though have a less transparency than polyester pockets and sleeves.
- HCP108134M

Pocket size: 108 x 134 mm. For archiving 5" x 4"-film.

100 in a pack
- HCP127172M

Pocket size 127 x 172 mm. For archiving CD's, DVD's, Blu Ray's.

100 in a pack
- HCP134184M

Pocket size: 134 x 184 mm. For archiving 5" x 7"-prints.

100 in a pack
- HCP210260M

Pocket size: 210 x 260 mm. For archiving photos, prints, etc.

100 in a pack
- HCP220305M

Pocket size: 220 x 305 (A4). For archiving photos, prints, documents, etc.

100 in a pack
- HCP260312M

Pocket size: 260 x 312 mm. For archiving 10"x 12" archival materials.

100 in a pack
Library edition

Double pocket to archive CD’s, DVD’s Blu ray discs, to store directly with a full sized insert card or complete thumbnail reference in separate but adjacent pocket.

- LEC3

Pocket size: 125 x 160 mm.

50 in a pack
- LCD02

Index card.

50 in a pack

Pocket size: 130 x 143 mm. Simple pocket with insert opening and flap.

1.000 in a box