Stamtec® Archival Philatelic Mounting

Folded polyester film with a dry-mounting strip on the reverse side. Can be cut to size (width) easily.
Width per strip 217 mm. Packed per 10 strips.

Name Info.
Height 24 mm STAMT24217Y75 GB Defin, Pre 1967 Commems.
Height 26 mm STAMT26217Y75 USA Commems.
Height 30 mm STAMT30217Y75 GB Commems Landscape.
Height 31 mm STAMT31217Y75 Channel Islands, High Values.
Height 35 mm STAMT35217Y75 Millennium Issues.
Height 41 mm STAMT41217Y75 GB Commems Portrait.
Height 48 mm STAMT48217Y75 Miscellaneous.