Acid free tubes

Klug roll storage tubes (quality 01911) made of strong spiral wound archive board in natural white. The material plies (layers) of the board are glued with quality tested, neutral adhesives used for lamination,  free of softening agents. Permanency guaranteed in accordance with ISO 9706. 
Next to stock sizes, production of other diameters and length (up to 10 meters max.) is possible.

For archiving large maps, textile collections, etc. The object is wound around (the outer side) the tube, then wrapped (e.g. with acid free paper, tyvek or non bleached cotton cloth) and strapped carefully with twill ribbon. Especially when the object is not archived in a box, it should be covered to safeguard it from dust. Textile collections can be secured best by micro perforated tyvek covers. Tyvek protects against dust, light and insects. The material is inert, breathable and anti static (dust repellent).

Name Info. Thickness Colour
Tube 100/2 Length: 210 cm / Ø: 100 mm. 2 mm natural white
Tube 120/2 Length: 210 cm / Ø: 120 mm. 2 mm natural white
Tube 150/2 Length 210 cm / Ø: 150 mm. 2 mm natural white
Tube 200/2,5 Length: 210 cm / Ø: 200 mm. 2,5 mm natural white
Tube 300/3 Length 250 cm / Ø: 300 mm. 3 mm natural white
Tube muff 145/2,5 Fitting in tube 150/2: length 50 cm / Ø: 145 mm. 2,5 mm natural white
Tube muff 190/5 Fitting in tube: length 50 cm / Ø: 190 mm. 5 mm natural white