Charter storage

For a safe, isolated, stackable archiving of charters and other vulnerable objects. The charter storages fit exactly in the print boxes 193, 194 and 195 (see archive box Type B). In the height, of course three standard storages fit in a print box, still.

The charter storage is produced of single layered board of Klug Conservation and complies to the highest standard of age persistency. The storages are die cut out of one piece, the raised edges can be anchored by removing the perforation holes manually and fold the edges.

Name Info. Inner dimensions Colour
3-d charter storage 816.chart.193

Outside dimension: 426 x 301 x 20 mm; fitting in printbox 816.193.

370 x 245 x 17 mm grey/white
3-d charterberging 816.chart.194

Outside dimension: 602 x 426 x 20 mm; fitting in printbox 816.194.

550 x 370 x 17 mm grey/white
3-d charterberging 816.chart.195

Outside dimension: 852 x 602 x 20 mm; fitting in printbox 816.195.

795 x 545 x 17 mm grey/white