Tyvek® covers

Tyvek® covers for e.g. clothing (uniforms, costumes, regional attire, etc.) but also paper objects and other artefacts, offer protection against dust, light and insects. The material is inert, breathable and anti static (dust repellent). 
The covers are available in various versions and sizes.

In the fact sheet produced by Scottish Museum Council Caring for textile collections in Museums it is written: “Tyvek® is named as the ideal material for bags and covers."

. The Victoria & Albert museum (London) archived its' complete garmet collection in tyvek covers. This conservation project is part of the move from Blythe House to a purpose built warehouse.
. The RAF Museum stores 4.600 uniforms; the National Army Museum stores 11.500 uniforms in tyvek covers;
. Clothing of the Rolling Stones makes a world wide exhibition tour in tyvek covers;
. The Wimbledon Championship cup (men) is being stored in a cover made to size of three layres of Sontara.
. The Prisoners' Museum (Veenhuizen, NL) stores the fabric lined benches of the prisoners' bus in tyvek covers made to size.

For a complete overview of the options; please request the catalogue.

Name Info. Packed per
Waist coat cover

63 x 96 cm

10 per pack
Jacket cover

63 x 108 cm

10 per pack
Coat cover

63 x 150 cm

10 per pack
Long coat cover

73 x 192 cm

10 per pack
Gusseted garment cover 90

61 x 90 x 24 cm

10 per pack
Gusseted garment cover 120

61 x 120 x 24 cm

10 per pack
Gusseted garment cover 140

61 x 140 x 24 cm

10 per pack
Gusseted garment cover 178

61 x 178 x 24 cm

10 per pack