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Sewing Thread and Yarns

We can supply with various types of yarn. Hand yarn, machine yarn, thermo yarn and industrial yarn. The overview below is thus just a small selection of what we offer.


Bookbinding needles can be found here.

Sewing Thread and Yarns

Name Item No. Info
Linen yarns 812.LIN.

No. 12 (100 m per spool)      pack à 10 spools
No. 18 (160 m per spool)
No. 25 (238 m per spool)
No. 30 (283 m per spool)
No. 35 (329 m per spool)
No. 40 (375 m per spool)
No. 50 (468 m per spool)

Small Mull 813.GAA.

Band to sew book sections together.

Made of 99% cotton and 1% polyester and available in widths of 10, 15 or 20 mm and 50 m in length.

Flax rope 812.VLA

3-thread rope; bundle of approx. 200 gramme (approx. 250 metres)

Machine yarns - Rasant 812.RAS.

Rasant: polyester, winded with cotton (64% polyester / 36% cotton). Available in 10,000 or 5,000 m.

120: Tensile strength 1,000 gram. White

75: Tensile strength 1,800 gram. White

75C: Tensile strength 1,800 gram. Crème

Machine yarns 812.TER.

Terko polyester/cotton. Various strengths.
No. 25: Spool length 2,500 m. 

No. 36: Spool length 4,000 m. 

No. 50: Spool length 4,000 m. 

No 75: Spool length 7.500m.

Machine yarns (1) 812.SER.

Serafil is a single sewing yarn made of polyester.

Industrial yarns 812.IND.

These yarns are supplied on cones of 10,000 or 15,000 meter. Available in various types. Both polyester and polyester/cotton and synthetic. Double and triple.
M 50/2
S 50/2 FD
S 50/2 FW
S 80/2 AW
Z 85/2
Z 85/3

Thermo yarns 812.THE.

Available in double yarn for thin and medium thickness paper. Triple yarn for thick and coated paper.
HZ 39/2E
HZ 44/2E
HZ 54/2E