Type J: drawing / tube boxes

For archiving of drawings, maps (rolled up); with our without tubes . To wrap up objects, or winding them around a tube, e.g., we have various auxiliary products, ranging from wrapping paper in various qualities, art foam, tubes, etc. For tubes click here.

The boxes with the 3/11 appendix, the blue grey boxes, comply to ICN 3/11 standard; these are appropriate for long-term storage; up to 30 years. The brown boxes comply to the ICN 4/10 standard and are appropriate for mid-term storage; up to 10 years. Both comply to the PAT and silver tarnishing test.

. Boxes marked with an asterix* are boxes standard available from stock.
. The specified dimensions are inner dimensions (d x w x h).
. For maximum use of the shelf space, in combination with the wishes, demands in respect of access to the collection, it is important to know along which dimension of the box, the lid hinges. The underlined dimension is the dimension along which the lid hinges.

The corrugated board used, is FSC certified: NC-COC-029615-CF - FSC Mix Credit.

For boxes (or advice) made to size, please do contact us.

Do you have questions about, or doubts how to fold these boxes? Check out our folding instruction film!

Name Info. Inner dimensions Colour
drawing box 816.600* 1.180 x 125 x 135 mm brown
drawing box 816.600.3/11* 1.180 x 125 x 135 mm blue grey
drawing box 816.601* 1.285 x 125 x 135 mm brown
drawing box 816.601.3/11* 1.285 x 125 x 135 mm blue grey