Type L: stamp box

For wrapping up stamps (seals) we supply various auxiliary materials ranging from wrapping paper, art foam, etc.

The boxes with the 3/11 appendix, the blue grey boxes, comply to ICN 3/11 standard; these are appropriate for long-term storage; up to 30 years. The brown boxes comply to the ICN 4/10 standard and are appropriate for mid-term storage; up to 10 years. Both comply to the PAT and silver tarnishing test.

The given dimensions are inner dimensions (d x w x h).
The corrugated board used, is FSC certified: NC-COC-029615-CF - FSC Mix Credit.

For boxes (or advice) made to size, please do contact us. 

Name Info. Inner dimensions Colour
stamp box 816.150

A4 stamp storage

302 x 215 x 12 mm brown
stamp box 816.150.3/11

A4 stamp storage box

302 x 215 x 12 mm blue grey