AKA cleaning materials available in sponges as well as in powder, for any application.

Name Info. Packed per
AKApad (Wishab) white

For dry cleaning the surface of various types of paper and board. Contains no chlorine or sulphur; has a neutral pH-value.
Available in: 4151 white.

Complies with the ICN requirements for cleaning paper surfaces.

Available in:
. 4151 akapd white, hard;
. 4153 akapad white, soft;
. 4152 akapad white, soft,  flexible. (Due to the flexible grip, the sponge can be bent in a round shape, for easy cleaning.)

AKApad (wit) pure (4131). A new sponge in which the active ingredients have been reduced to a minimum. For cleaning very sensitive objects, such as historic documents, paintings, etc.

AKAtissue 4145

A (sort of) cleaning tissue (88 x 88 x5 mm) specially designed for very gentle cleaning of paper objects. The recipe is based on the new AKApad white pure (see above). Akatissue
allows to clean very sensitive surfaces by gently dabbing them with the tissue. It can also be used for cleaning those parts that are hard to reach, for example at a sculpture.


AKApad (Wishab) yellow
For dry cleaning of contaminated surfaces e.g. walls, ceilings, paintings, fresco’s, (wall) paintings, (wall) paper, textile, etc.   

Available in: 
. 4101 soft;
. 4121 hard;
. 4141 extra hard;
. and 4143 ultra hard; for cleaning persistent dirt (light oxidation). On a rough surface this sponge last clearly longer! 


AKAwipe soft

Akawipe soft is specially developed for dry cleaning paper, documents, maps, textile, and many other materials. Cleaning can be done manually or with special tools, e.g. rotating felt mobs (eccentric grinder).    

Available in 4301 / soft and 4351 / white, for very sensitive paper objects.

bag of 500 gr
AKAblast blasting powder

Suitable for a safe dry-cleaning of brickwork, sculptures and other smaller objects, with blasting- (suction/blasting) equipment. The powder is pH-neutral. When using it, protection glasses and mouth caps are advised. 

Source material is a special, filled, vulcanized latex foam. Available in extra fine, fine and hard. (Akablast hard contains extra PU flocks.) 

- extra delicate

For cleaning of smaller, sensitive objects such as sculptures, with a limited air pressure.

5 kg in a box
- fine

for cleaning of small objects as sculptures and (manual) cleaning of textile, e.g. wall coverings. 

5 kg in a box
- hard

For cleaning of holes and coves in sandstone brickwork, sculptures and other objects with a (very) rough surface.

5 kg in a box
AKAbloc abbrasive

The unique quality of the Akapad sponges is that these do not affect the surface of the object that is being cleaned. The market though also asked for a cleaning sponge that does remove (although a minimal!) layer from the object while cleaning.
Especially for this reason the Akabloc abrasive sponges are developed.

They can be supplied in two different versions; based on chalk (abrasive C) and based on pumice (abrasive P). Both qualities are available in standard pads, but also in plates. The user can cut pads out of it, made to his own preference in size. (One plate is the size of 8 standard pads.)

. 4155 abrasive C, chalk - pad
. 4157 abrasive CB, chalk - block
. 4158 abrasive PB, pumice - block
. 4159 abrasive P. pumice - pad

Akapad abrasive needs to be stored in the dark as daylight may cause yellowing. They are not to be used for cleaning soft, sensitive surfaces such as paper, paintings, carpets, etc. 

AKAbloc ground glass

The powdered glass (particle size 80) is carried by a polyurethane.  It is used for cleaning leather, marble, granite, sand stone and hard metals.
Dimension: 50 x 40 x 20 mm.

AKAbloc AX-0

For cleaning of metal, aluminium, steel or tin.