Museum vacuum cleaner 888-MU-E GS

With an electronically controlled blow- and suction power.

Complies with ISO classification nr. 7.
For an even better filtration an ISO nr. 4 is available.

The vacuum cleaner is only available as çomplete set; vacuum cleaner with Basic Kit. The complete set consists of:
• 1 vacuum cleaner 888 MU-E GS (ISO nr. 7)
• 1 Meltblown Filter bag (content 9 liter) MT-851
• 1 filter cartridge motor filter MT-853
• 1 HEPA filter cassette blow filter MT-857
• 1 flexible hose (3 meter)
• 1 mini set (= miniature nozzletip-set) PHU-10
• 1 set tubes 3-part PHU-28
• 1 set mouth pieces 6-part PHU-21
• 1 brusch for lining, slideable mouth piece PHU-22

Note: for its predessor, vacuum cleaner 777 MU-E GS, which has been discontinued, we supply article MT 751: meltblown filter bags (10 pieces).

Name Info.
Accessories MT-851

Melt blown filter bags; set of 10 pieces.

- MT-853

Filter cartridge, motor filter.

- MT-857

HEPA blow filter cassette.

- ISO 7 kit

Contains: filter bag (MT-851), filter cartridge (MT-852) and HEPA blow filter cassette (MT-857).

- PHU-07CV

Brush with rubber mouth piece: pigs' hair, extra hard.

- PHU-08CV

Brush with rubber mouth piece: horse hair, middle hard.

- PHU-09CV

Brush with rubber mouth piece; goats' hair, very soft.

- PHU-04

Mini set: miniature brush-, mouth piece set.

- PHU-07

Brush set; 2 pieces; goat hair, very soft.

- PHU-08

Brush set; 2 pieces; horse hair, middle hard.

- PHU-09

Brush set; 2 pieces; pigs' bristle, extra hard.

- PHU-10

Mini set mouth pieces.

- PHU-11

Mouth piece D-shape; nylon, very hard.

- PHU-12

Mouth piece D-shape; horse hair, middle hard.

- PHU-13

Mouth piece D-shape: goat hair, very soft.

- PHU-15

Brush with swivelling mouthpiece.

- PHU-17

Adaptor; variable angle.

- PHU-18

Hose + reducer: 85 / 350 cm.

- PHU-19

Mouth piece; extra long, hard rubber.

- PHU-22

Brush for lining, with sliding mouth piece.