KS 16: two-piece box

The KS 16 is available in two specifications'as standard clssical box with loose lid as well as box for roll storage. 

Name Info.
KS 16: for roll storage Especially suitable for the careful storage of large sized and delicate archival objects. (Geographical and architecteral maps, ancient textiles etc.) The roll in the box is made of spirally entwined (wound) Klug mounting and matting board, quality 017. The ends of the roll are supported by two pieces of corrugated board. This allows easy placement as well as easy removal of the stored objects. The roll is delivered with two textile ribbons to enable easy manoeuvrability.
KS 16 standard

A classical two-piece box, with both base and lid double walled providing extra strength. A very sturdy and strong construction with smooth interior surfaces. Can also be used for the storage of large sized objects, e.g. textiles etc. Also available with drop fronts on the long side.