Japanese tools


Name Info.
Nadebake Japanese smoothing brush of thin reed (3½cm long), bound with stainless steel, non corrosive. For (dry!) brushing doubled paper. Width: 14 or 17 cm.
Noribake Japanese paste brush, for large areas; sheep hair (3½ cm long); convenient handling; bound with copper-wire, non corrosive. For processing starch.Width: 11, 14 or 17 cm.
Noribon The original Japanese paste (starch) bucket, made of wood, consisting of 2 parts, can not be delivered unfortunately. As an alternative we can supply, upon request, wooden starch buckets (set of two). Available in: . 300 x 380 x 80 mm . 270 x 350 x 75 mm.
Paste (starch) strainer Made of horse-hair. Height: 110 mm; diameter: 240 mm. (Available on demand only.)
Mizubake Japanese water brush, deer hair (2½ cm long), bound with nylon thread. To be used for dampening paper with water. (Not to be used for glue.) Width;14 cm or 17 cm.
Tsukemawashibake Japanese assembling brush; sheep hair (3 cm long), bound with stainless steel, non corrosive. Especially for applying thin paste (starch) and pasting small edges. Available in widths: 11, 14 or 17 cm.

Japanese brush of thick(er) reed (length ± 10 cm; width: 11 or 14 cm). For the fixation of doubled papers. Only available upon demand.