Everything you need for archiving, restoration, (book) binding and preservation.

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On our website almost all the products from our product range can be found. You can search directly via the search field. Or search specifically by first choosing an industry or category. You can order easily using the form or call us.

Archival materials, Preservation, Restoration

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Bookbinding & Graphic Finishing

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Customised advice

Is what you are looking for not here, do you have questions or need more advice? Thanks to our international network of specialised producers, our range is larger than the one shown on the website. Moreover, we also offer customised solutions. The JWB team has all the expertise to help you. So please contact us or make an appointment and visit our showroom in Wormer.


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What we stand for


Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns B.V. is the (inter)national wholesaler of products and materials for archiving, conservation, restoration, (book)binding and more. With us, your wishes are paramount. We offer a comprehensive, fast service with personalised advice.



Personal advice

Thanks to our many years of experience, we have all the expertise to provide you with tailor-made advice.

Most complete range

We have the most complete range of products and materials in the Benelux. This means that we are available to everyone, from state archives to museums to private individuals.

Quality mark

Products in our range are FSC-certified wherever possible. Our materials are re-inspected by the ICN every two years.

Fast delivery

Most products come directly from our warehouse. This makes almost everything available within 48 hours.