Jansen - Wijsmuller & Beuns: a family history

The history of our company started almost 250 years ago with tannery Wijsmuller in Amsterdam. Records of the Wijsmuller family show the official registration; as of 1777, tannery Wijsmuller was entitled to pay taxes. Jansen-Wijsmuller was established when Mr P.B. van Reenen bought Handelsbedrijf Jansen in 1981. Wijsmuller and Beuns form a part of that. At the time, the company was still based in Rotterdam, but soon the united companies Jansen-Wijsmuller & Beuns (JWB) moved to Wormer. Having passed from father to son, and since 2020 to daughter, JWB can still be found on the Veerdijk, on the banks of the river Zaan.

The Amsterdam Box

The family business has grown into the most well-known and complete wholesale business in the Benelux (Company video) for products and materials for archiving, conservation, restoration, (book)binding and more. JWB has internationally become a well-known company with the 'Amsterdam Box'. This box has now become a standard filing solution that is used worldwide. Curious about the box?

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Our customers

JWB's customers include well-known museums, archives and major players in the graphics industry, both at home and abroad. Some examples are the National Archives and the Rijksmuseum in the Netherlands, various city archives and leading institutes of architecture and art in Belgium and Luxembourg. But also in several other European countries and South Africa, and we are proud to see our customer base grow.

In addition, we can also count leading graphics companies such as bindery and printing companies in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, but also other European countries and South Africa as important customers for our materials.

Since JWB offers a wide range of high quality materials, it is usually not necessary to purchase a minimum quantity. This allows us to serve both large organisations and small businesses.

Sustainable development

The quality requirements for archive materials are constantly changing. This makes it necessary to continue to improve quality. This applies to both the construction and the material. To guarantee quality, the Amsterdam City Archive still inspects our products on a random basis. In addition, our materials must pass strict quality inspections by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Heritage (ICN) every two years, we have PAT and ISO tests carried out on our products and many of our products are FSC-certified.

Customised solutions


JWB likes to work on customised sustainable solutions. Is something not in our product range? Then we will develop it. Our most successful product, the Amsterdam Box, is the result of a cooperation with the Amsterdam City Archives. JWB has also developed a tailor-made solution for customers such as Naturalis and the Center of Genealogy in The Hague. For the latter, JWB has devised a cost-efficient card storage system.


Expert partners

When compiling our product range, we work closely with renowned partners at home and abroad.

Het team

Nathalie Welter - van Reenen

Managing Director

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I love the diversity of our product range!

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Cora van 't Klooster

Financial Manager

Straightforward, Quality oriented

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I love our headbands, intended to hold the back of a book together. It is not the main focus, but it is important for the strength of the book. And it adds colour! A symbol for how I am in life.

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Inge Dekker

Management Assistant

Controlfreak, multitasking, allround

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I think Dainel is the most beautiful product in our range. It's a book binding material that is flocked and gives books a fancy look.

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Tjerk de Graas

Logistics Manager

Sorting and restructuring

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MAF Standblocks

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Robert van de Bos

Inside sales / Customer service

Laguages and product knowlegde

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Our range of acid-free boxes, we have a large and versatile offer therein.


Mariëtte Loef

Financial assistant

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Bookbinding linen in all possible colours. I love colour and books.

With my friend I like to watch 'Obese', always while enjoying red wine and chocolate raisins.

Petra Heddes - Pronk

Inside sales / Customer service

Kind, Precise, Go the extra mile for the client

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The acid-free archive boxes have become a favourite in recent years. They meet the customers' needs very well.

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Thomas Koning

Warehouse assistant

Compassion, Teamworker

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At JWB, we are committed to ensuring that the stories of the past can be preserved. I'm proud that we make the materials and products that allow archivists to do that, like the acid-free boxes.

Obscure films, old buildings.

Daniëlle Woortman

Inside sales / Customer service

Client oriented, cooperative and enthusiastic

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Such a wide range, I still discover more about our products every day. Still fairly new is the Museum Art Foam, especially for packaging small and large (art) objects.

Music from the '70/'80s, singing along and dancing!

Marc van Houten

Warehouse assistant

"It's nice to work in a small team. JWB has great colleagues who I can rely on."

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I find the most intriguing product to be Japanese restoration paper.

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Monique Al

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"I like the fact that JWB is a small, open team with a good atmosphere and good cooperation."

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