Archival boxes for roll storage: Type J

For archiving of (rolled up) drawings, maps or textiles. This box is hinged on the long side. Your existing tube can be placed in this box; for acid-free tubes click here.


The brown boxes from our collection meet the ICN 4/10 quality requirement. They are suitable for mid-term storage; up to 10 years.

The blue-grey boxes with the addition 3/11, meet ICN 3/11 quality requirement, suitable for long-term storage of 30 years.


All the materials our folders are made of comply with the PAT test per ISO 18916 and the Silver Tarnish Test. All these packagings are also FSC certified, NC-COC-029615-CF - FSC Mix Credit.

Boxes marked with * in the overview below are standard in our collection and in stock.

  • The specified dimensions are inner dimensions and stated in depth x width x height in millimetres.

Do you have any questions or doubts about how to fold these drawing/tube boxes? Check out our folding instruction video!

Alle Archival boxes for roll storage: Type J

Name Item No. Info Inside formats
drawing box 600 816.600*

Available as standard in quality 3/11 (blue-grey) and 4/10 (brown) on request.

1180 x 125 x 135 mm
drawing box 601 816.601*

Available as standard in both qualities, 4/10 (brown) and 3/11 (blue-grey).

1285 x 125 x 135 mm