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Specials: Type L/N


Some specials, specially developed at the request of our customers:

  • Seal storage (type L)
  • Depot boxes made of corrugated cardboard (type N)


All the materials of our boxes comply with the PAT test per ISO 18916 and the Silver Tarnish Test. All these packagings are also FSC certified, NC-COC-029615-CF - FSC Mix Credit.

Can be made on request in both qualities, 4/10 (brown - 10 years storage) and 3/11 (blue-grey - 30 years storage).

  • The specified dimensions are inner dimensions and stated in depth x width x height in millimetres.

Alle Specials: Type L/N

Name Item No. Info Inside formats
stamp box 150 816.150

Acid-free - A4 seal storage. On request in both qualities available. 

302 x 215 x 12 mm
depot box 900 816.900

Acid-free deposit box - glued - opening on short side. On request in both qualities available. 

300 x 200 x 400 mm
moving box 901 816.901

Acid-free packaging, type American box / moving box - glued. On request in both qualities available. 

504 x 504 x 198 mm