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Museum Art Foam

Our complete range of acid-free packaging material "Museum Art Foam" (MAF) has been developed specifically for museums, for the safe temporary or long-term packaging of (art) objects.

The products focus mainly on safe packaging in transport and storage. Direct packaging of objects, transport packaging, covering painting boxes or crates, pallets and containers.

The products have the following features:

  • Damping, absorbing shocks
  • (Thermal) insulation of objects
  • Filling of an object's secondary packaging


This MAF collection is subdivided into foam sheets and (roll) films, usually available from stock. The specifications below show the options. We can cut the sheets to any size, laminate them and make them self-adhesive. Ask about the possibilities. 

Museum Art Foam (MAF)

Name Info Thickness Colour
MAF 241

MAF 241 and 151 are similar products, an acid-free plastazote PE material. MAF 241, however, has a higher density and is therefore extremely suitable for packaging art objects and use in a deposit (on a shelf in a drawer, cabinet or box). Sheets 2000 x 1000 mm.

3, 4.5, 9, 14, 25, 48 mm Black/White
MAF 301

The most ideal acid-free (PE), fast-cutting foam for spatial products. Gives very good support and therefore good shock absorption. In combination with various other MAF products, it is also the ideal basis for transport boxes. Size 2750 x 600 mm.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100 mm Black/White
MAF 301L

Similar to MAF301, with an even coarser cell structure. These sheets are composed of 10 mm glued sheets. This makes the material slightly more flexible and good to use as a base material for transport boxes.

Sheets 2000 x 1200mm available.

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 mm Black/White
MAF 151

MAF 151 and 241 are similar products, an acid-free plastazote PE material. MAF 151 has a lower density and can therefore be pressed in a little more. Highly suitable for packaging art objects. 

Sheets 2000 x 1000mm available.

25 of 50 mm Black/White
MAF Stand Blocks

Stand blocks are available in 10x15 cm format, with the MAF3010 having an acid-free MAF241 'buffer', so that an object can be placed directly on it. Size: 10 x 15 cm. Other sizes upon request.

43,5 mm
MAF 3010E

Virtually acid-free polyether with a standard density of 33 kg/m³. Can be provided with an acid-free 'buffer' as MAF241 - like the stand blocks, other formats: price on request. Sheets 2000 x 1000mm available.

20, 30, 40 mm Black
MAF 8010

Due to its relatively heavier weight, this recycled polyether foam is well impact-resistant. Very suitable for fast and short-term packing and transport of art objects. It is recommended to first wrap the art object in a layer of MAF 020 and/or Museum Tyvek (MAF16221E). Sheets 2000 x 1250 mm available in blended colour.

40 mm Blended colour
MAF 020

MAF 020 Articel is an acid-free polyether (PE) foam with a closed cell structure. Articel has a safe and smooth surface structure and is the best possible protection against bumps and scratches. In addition to MAF 1623E Tyvek, this is the ideal first layer for packaging art! Very easy to cut and slice.

Roll width: 1000 or 1550 mm with 250 metres long, 2 mm thick.

Also available in thickness 5 mm, 1000 mm by 100 metres long.

2 mm / 5 mm White-transparant
MAF 80-020

This is a unique combination of bubble wrap with a 1 mm thick PE layer on the inside that prevents direct contact between the bubble wrap and the artwork. The wraps have a good protective effect, and only make contact with the polyether material.

Rolls: 1000, 1500 mm, 100 metres or 2000 mm by 75 metres.  

4 mm White-transparant