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Museum Tyvek

Tyvek is a high-quality PE fleece that offers optimal packaging for art and clothing collections (uniforms, costumes, traditional attire), as well as paper objects (books, maps) and other artefacts.


The fabric or the bags offer protection against water, dust, light and insects. The material breaths due to micro-perforation and is simultaneously inert, antistatic and dust-repellent. The factsheet Caring for textile collections in Museums of the Scottish Museum Council, states: “Tyvek® is named as the ideal material for bags and covers." The material is easy to cut, slice and wash. 


We supply Tyvek on rolls of 40m/152.4cm, but also tailor-made garment bags. The special Art bags, which were developed specifically for the fast packaging of works of art, can be sealed with Tyvek tape if required; fast and easy to use. 



  • The Victoria & Albert Museum (London) has archived its complete clothing collection in Tyvek garment bags. This conservation project forms part of a complete move from Blythe House to a newly built deposit.
  • Clothing of the Rolling Stones travels all over the world (for an exhibition) in Tyvek covers;
  • The Prisoners' Museum (Veenhuizen, NL) stores the fabric lined benches of the prisoners' bus in Tyvek covers made to size.

Museum Tyvek

Name Info Packaging unit
Museum Tyvek

The Museum Tyvek (Tyvek 1623 - used to be MAF 16221E) is the safest and most flexible material  as the first packaging layer for the packaging and long-term storage of artworks and other objects. It breathes, is strong, moisture-resistant, acid-free and has a long life. Roll: 1524 mm by 40 m.

Tyvek label

Tyvek Archival Labels 100x70 mm

1000 pcs
Art Bags (tyvek)

Art Bags, specially developed for quick and easy packing of objects, made of Museum Tyvek 1623E. The standard formats are available per item. 

Standard small: 65 x 95 cm.

Standard large: 130 x 130 cm.

With customisation MOQ 15 pcs.

Art tape (tyvek)

Art Tape, especially for gluing Tyvek, but also suitable for other materials.


Temperature range: +10°C to +80°C. PH- and colour-neutral and solvent-free. Strong adhesion.


Roll: 50 m x 40 mm

Coat Covers

Garment bag, available in 3 lengths, 10 per pack:

64 x 86 cm

63 x 108 cm

63 x 150 cm

Long Coat cover

Garment bag, long format: 73 x 192 cm, 10 per pack.

Gusseted Garment cover

Garment bag (with height format), available in 3 lengths, 10 per pack:

61 x 90 x 24 cm

61 x 140 x 24 cm

61 x 178 x 24 cm

Clothes hanger

A pre-shaped clothes hanger that is used for textiles that need more support than a standard hanger (each).