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3D Tikkel

The 3D Tikkel is the optimal packaging for the preservation of today's heritage objects. A packaging for transport and storage; the modular design and material of the 3D Tikkel make it possible to create a suitable packaging for every object without many additions. The material of the 3D Crescent can also be cut, which makes it possible to adapt the Tikkel and its parts to any object.  Cut, prick, bind, clamp; let the object decide what's best and thus create a light, handy and safe packaging for the object.


The 3D Tikkel is available in three standard sizes. Bottoms, edges and lids are available in each of these sizes. Each of these parts is stackable, regardless of size. The Tikkels can be fitted with compartments by means of the dividers. This makes it possible to customise the interior of the packaging.

3D Tikkel

Name Item No. Info
Small 810.TIKKEL.30

Outer dimensions box: 300x400x150 mm - inner dimensions 245x345x120 mm

Medium 810.TIKKEL.40

Outer size box: 400x600x150 mm - inner dimensions 345x525x120 mm.

Large 810.TIKKEL.60

Outer size box: 600x800x150 mm - inner size 545x745x120 mm.

Distributor 810.verdeler

Size 100x740x8 mm.

Art Tikkel 810.ARTTIKKEL

Re-usable transport and packaging system. Outer dimensions: 1240x990x215 mm - inside dimensions 1100x850x125 mm.