Self-adhesive (archive) labels

Self-adhesive (archive) labels

Acid-free self-adhesive labels (tags) in archival quality.

  • 80 g/m² cotton sintered paper
  • PH value approx. 8.5 (hot extraction measurement)
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate
  • ICN-compliant adhesive suitable for laser printers
  • Complies with PAT test per ISO 18916
  • ICN 15 tested, meets requirements except for folding resistance.


  • Overall sheet size: 210 x 299 mm.
  • Packed per 100 sheets
  • Various sizes of labels per sheet, as below.


Labels paper

Acid-free adhesive tape (quality 0667) for restoration and mounting purposes.

  • Does not contain acid-forming substances.
  • The gumming consists of starch-based glue.
  • Can be easily removed by humidifying the surface for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • With its high tensile strength, it can also be used for heavy works of art.

Alle Self-adhesive (archive) labels

Name Item No. Info
1 label per sheet 810.AFLJWB2110

Label size: 210 x 297 mm.

4 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB105148

Label size: 105 x 148 mm.

6 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB80100

Label size: 80 x 100 mm.

9 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB6396

Label size: 63 x 96 mm.

12 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB10546

Label size: 105 x 46 mm.

27 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB3263

Label size: 63 x 32 mm.

36 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB5030

Label size: 50 x 30 mm.

45 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB3138

Label size: 38 x 31 mm.

84 labels per sheet 810.AFLJWB4611

Label size: 46 x 11,1 mm.

Gummed (label) paper 2.5 cm 817.GOMT.2.5

With gum from potato starch. White, 80 g/m². Width: 2.5 cm. Per roll of 50m.

Gummed (label) paper 5 cm 817.GOMT.5.0

With gum from potato starch. White, 80 g/m². Width: 5 cm. Per roll of 50m.

A4 Sheets 817.ETP.500

A4 label paper with Dextrin gumming for printing with laser-*, inkjet-, needle- and thermal-transfer printers.
105 g/m² paper, white (reverse side cream-coloured). Packed per 500 sheets.
*Please follow the special instructions for use when printing with a laser printer.