Brushes and Japanese tools

We supply the brushes with metal rim and the all-wood brushes from stock.


We supply Japanese tools on request. 

Brushes and Japanese tools

Name Item No. Info
Brush - with metal edge 808.KWA.

No. 06: Length 19 cm, diameter 17 mm.
No. 12: Length 21.5 cm, diameter 20 mm.
No. 14: Length 22 cm, diameter 25 mm.
No. 16: Length 24 cm, diameter 30 mm.
No. 18: Length 24.5 cm, diameter 35 mm.
No. 20: Length 27 cm, diameter 35 mm.
No. 22: Length 28 cm, diameter 40 mm.

Brush - all wood 808.KWA.1444.

No. 23: Length 25 cm; diameter 23 mm.

No. 30: Length 25 cm; diameter 30 mm.

No. 40: Length 28 cm; diameter 40 mm.


Japanese brush of thin reed (3½cm long).
For "dry" brushing doubled paper. Width: 14 or 17 cm.


Japanese brush of sheep hair (hair length approx. 3½ cm); wide ending.
For processing starch. Width: 11, 14 or 17 cm.


The original Japanese (starch) bucket, made of wood, available with or without a wooden lid . 

Starch sieve

Made of horse hair. Height: 110 mm; diameter: 240 mm.


Japanese brush of deer hair (hair length approx. 2½ cm), bound with nylon thread.
To be used for dampening paper with water (no glue). Width: 14 cm or 17 cm.


Japanese brush of sheep hair (hair length approx. 3 cm), pointed ending.
For processing thin starch and pasting small edges. Available in widths: 11, 14 or 17 cm.


Japanese brush of thick(er) reed (length ± 10 cm)
For tying up doubled papers. Available on request in widths of 11 and 14 cm.