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Other paper types

We supply various special types of paper from stock or on request.

  • Acrolin: A latex-saturated paper with an acrylic coating, to be used as a binding material. Very environmentally friendly, FSC certified.


  • Prima Ingrès Vergé: Manufactured without optical brightening agents and acid-free, neutrally bonded and alkaline buffered. This means that the paper meets the requirements per DIN ISO 9706 and is therefore resistant to ageing.


  • French Hand Marble: unique marble tops in various colours available from stock. Can be used for (half) book binding, cover pages or as hobby material.


  • Elefantenhaut: Beautiful paper for use as a cover page or calligraphy paper, available in various colours from stock.


  • Glassine paper: Fine, strong glassine paper, Ph-neutral, can be used as a cover sheet and interleave for the conservation of works of art, charcoal, pastel or chalk drawings.

Alle Other paper types

Name Item No. Info Sheet size
Acrolin 800.ACR

Available as standard in Verona pressing 6 colours.

Upon request many other one and two-colour embosses available. Grammage 125 - 130 g/m² Roll format 134 cm x 100 m.

Rol 134cm x100m
French marbled paper 800.FRA

Marbled paper in many different colours. Grammage: 90 - 95 g/m²

50 x 65 cm BL
Marbled paper 800.WOL

A black/white special paper, containing a coating against moisture, dirt, and scratches. Grammage: 80 g/m²

70 x 100 cm BL
Prima Ingrès Vergé 800.PIV

Cover sheet. Various colours in stock. Grammage 130 g/m²

86 x 107 cm BL
Prima Ingrès Vergé 43 800.PIV.43

Antique cover sheet. Grammage 130 g/m²

78 x 104 cm BL
Elephant hide 800.ELE

Colours: high white (299), white (300), chamois (301), light-brown (303), light-grey (305), anthracite (306) and black (313).

Available in 110 g/m².

Colours; high white (299), white (300), chamois (301) are also available in 125 and 190 g/m².
Elephanthaut is FSC certified.

70 x 100 cm LL
Glassine paper 800.LIN

Linen pressing. Grammage 30 g/m². Also available on 75 x 50 cm BL

75 x 100 cm BL