Double-sided adhesive film

Double-sided adhesive (PVC)films, both sides are covered with protective sheets.  Ideal for sticking photos, fabrics, graphics and suchlike to cardboard, wood, etc. DK3 and DK4 have adhesive sides with different characteristics.


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Alle Double-sided adhesive film

Name Info Roll width Roll length Thickness

Permanent, double-sided adhesive PVC film with delayed initial adhesion on both sides. The film has a 120 gms cardboard coating on one side, which gives it perfect flatness and makes it easy to process. The other side has a 63 gms silicone LDPE coating.

135 cm 25 m 80 µm

Permanent, double-sided adhesive transparent PVC film; at the paper side backing (67 gsm silicone paper) an adhesive layer with slow initial adhesion. This makes it easy to correct wrong (skewed) sticking. The adhesive on the side, with a 63 g siliconised LDPE coating, has normal initial adhesion and strong adhesive strength. Ideal for rough surfaces.

135 cm 15 m 70 µm

Permanent, double-sided adhesive PVC film. The adhesive at the silicone LDPE backing can be removed without leaving any residues behind (note: only when applied on glass, cards, posters, etc. not when applied on paper, photos, etc.). The glue on the 67 gms silicone paper side is pH-neutral and has a delayed initial adhesion.

135 cm 50 m 80 µm