Metal effect

The quality films of ASLAN Metal impress with their noble appearance, unprecedented clear reflection, scratch resistance and trendy look. 


Champagne creates a warm ambiance...

Platinum lends a cool elegance to a room...

The self-adhesive mirror film is scratch-resistant and reflective on both sides. The self-adhesive films can be used for full-surface adhesion or for spectacular selective highlights by means of plotted logos and letterings.


The SE 50 is perfectly suited for shop fitting, exhibition stand design, visual merchandising and interior design. Also suitable for decoration of furniture panels, ceiling panels or even wall panels.


The SE 75 is particularly suitable for applications in shop fitting, interior design and exhibition stand construction. With its unique qualities on both the adhesive and the visible side it is also very interesting to be used on transparent substrations, like glass panels, shopwindows, etc. Lightweight but strong; easy to process in a cutting plotter.


We deliver partly from stock, mostly on order. We will be happy to inform you in more detail. 


For an application instruction video, see: Instruction video (Youtube)

Alle Metal effect

Name Info Roll width Roll length Thickness

ASLAN MetalLux SE 50, in Champagne and Platinum. Although dry application is recommended, wet application is possible, too. The advantage of this is that the film can be positioned easily and the build-up of static electricity is reduced. Of course, the water has to be wiped off carefully but  completely with a squeegee. Slight signs of usage, for instance by the use of a squeegee, can easily be removed with a microfibre cloth. It is recommended that the surfaces are clean and level.

Durability: 2 years (outdoors).

125 cm 25 m 50 μm

ASLAN MirrorEffect AntiScratch ASLAN SE 75 is a  self-adhesive mirror film  with a brilliant mirror-like and scratch-resistant surface. Can be applied without protective film. Durability outdoor: 3 - 5 years.

Available in silver and gold.

125 cm 25 m 75 µm

ASLAN CA 23 is a metal effect film, very suitable for window, interior and stand decoration, due to it identical effect on both adhesive and visible side. Easy to plot. Film thickness 50 µm on a silicone board wrapper of 140 gms. Also for outdoor applications; durability 2 years. (Silver and gold glossy, even 3 - 5 years.)

Colours in high-gloss: 13101 rose/gold, 13102 silver, 13103 gold, 13107 copper.

Matt brushed: 13104 silver, 13105 copper, 13106 gold, 13109 aluminium.

125 cm 25 m 50 µm
CAL 23

ASLAN CAL 23 is a dry apply version of the CA 23 in two colours. Because of the dry apply technology, the film can be applied easily.  Air bubbles (if any) can be removed easily.

High gloss: 13102L Silver, 13103L Gold. 

125 cm 25 m 50 µm
CA 24

The ASLAN CA 24 is a metal effect film in eye-catching colours. Turns 'just an image' into an eye-catcher. Film thickness 140 µm; on a 140 gms silicone board wrapper. For outdoor use (at least 2 years), can also be used indoors.

Colours Metallic: 3111 red, 13112 green, 13113 dark-blue, 13114 blue, 13115 purple, 13131 silver 

125 cm 25 m
CA 25

CA 25 is a metal effect film in four silver tones for eye-catching decoration. Easy to plot. Thickness film 140 µm; on a 140 gms silicone board wrapper. For indoor and outdoor applications. Minimum durability 2 years.

Colours: 13120 silver, 13121 silver-grey, 13122 gun metal, 13123 anthracite.

125 cm 25 m
CA 30

CA 30 shows the same effect on both the adhesive and the visible side. Ideal for shop window advertising, for example.

Can be ennobled by means of screen printing and digital printing (all usual inks; solvent, eco solvent, latex and UV). Film thickness 140 µm on a 140 g silicon cardboard wrapper and suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Minimum outdoor durability at least 5 year.

The CA 30 films are certified for HP Latex inks: the HP Latex 300- and 500-series.

Upon request

125 cm 25 m 140 µm
CPL 22

Metal effect film with dry apply technology, with a special top coating, for great printing result! The film is available in gold and silver and has a brilliant, high-gloss surface both on the visible/printing side and the adhesive side.

Can be printed with solvent, eco-solvent, latex, UV-drying and screen print inks; on every 'standard' printer. Film thickness 50 µm; on a 140 gms silicone board wrapper. For indoor and outdoor applications. Minimum durability outdoor: 3 – 5 years.

Colours: 13117 CPL gold - high gloss

137 cm 25 m 50 µm