Methyl cellulose

Methyl cellulose is used as a bookbinder's glue, but is also applied to:

  • Thicken water baths (for paper marbling)
  • Reduce the porosity of paper or fabric
  • Loosen and remove old glue residues from book spines and covers
  • Delay the drying time of PVA glue

It is easy to mix with water, wheat starch and other adhesives and gives a matt finish when applied diluted. Does not decompose, either in solid or liquid form, and is heat and cold resistant. Does not stain, does not discolour paper and gives a very flexible gluing, with weak initial adhesion.



  • Viscosity: 200 cPs at 2% in water, pH 7.0.
  • Available in 459 and 2,250 gramme packaging
  • Other quantities per packaging on request.