Various bookbinders and restoration adhesives


In our extensive range of adhesives, we offer EVA glue, PVA glue, Hare glue and Animal glue from various suppliers. Further specifications are given below. In addition, we also sell various packaging quantities of regular bookbinding glue and bookbinding adhesives.


During the winter period, it may happen that we temporarily do not transport adhesives due to frost, which has a negative influence on the quality of the adhesive (thickness, blotting behaviour and film formation). We inform you about this when you place your order.

Various bookbinders and restoration adhesives

Name Info Packaging unit

Including, among others, "lumbecken".

250 and 500 gr and 1, 3, 10 and 30 kg
Bookbinders starch

For manual use (Specification: ZM-060).

1 and 10 kg
Starch powder

Concerns wheat starch.

1 kg
EVA glue

Adhesive based on an EVA co-polymer. Solvent- and softening agent-free, pH appr. 7. For manual use for photo restoration. Meets the PAT test per ANSI IT 9.16.

Also available on request (EVA200) for couching/bookbinding.

500 gr
PVA glue

Reversible glue for manual use.

1 kg
Hare glue

Dry glue in grain shape.

1 kg
Animal glue

Hot melt.

1 kg